At the Conférence socio-économique de la Péninsule acadienne, a project for a cycling path for the entire Acadian Peninsula is presented.


A stone dust bike path is built on the old railway track.


The original idea for a cycling path for the entire Peninsula was launched by Serge Dugas at the annual meeting of the Acadian Peninsula Tourism Association, Grand Caraquet sector.


Serge Dugas and Roland Besnier are touring the Acadian Peninsula to inform the population and political stakeholders of the benefits of this project.


Leaders and founding members of the Véloroute des bleuets du Lac St-Jean are invited to the Acadian Peninsula. They share with municipal representatives, tourism industry stakeholders and the population how the Véloroute des bleuets works and the positive impacts it has had. The Association des Ami(e)s de la Véloroute de la Péninsule acadienne Inc. (AVPA) is established. The president of the Forum des maires de la Péninsule acadienne announces the financial participation of the fourteen municipalities in a feasibility study for a cycling route for the Acadian Peninsula.


Following the call for tenders for services, the AVPA entrusts the Groupe Conseil Roche Atlantique with the mandate to carry out the feasibility study. The study proposes a 316 km circuit of roads and trails affecting the fourteen municipalities and multiple LSDs on the Acadian Peninsula. With this completed circuit, the economic impact of user spending is estimated at $5 million annually with the creation of more than 70 jobs.


Establishment of the Corporation Véloroute de la Péninsule acadienne Inc. which has the mandate to build and manage the cycling circuit. Thanks to the generous contribution of the Government of New Brunswick, the 2009 World Acadian Congress and Les Ami(e)s de la Véloroute, a fund of $400,000 is created to establish a permanent Roland Besnier is hired as General Manager of the Véloroute Corporation.


Between 2011 and 2017, more than 20 km of cycling paths on the Véloroute circuit will be built. Asphalt trails will be built in the towns of Caraquet, Shippagan, Tracadie and Lamèque as well as on Lamèque Island.


Preparation of plans and specifications for the reconstruction of the Sentier NB Trail network bicycle path in the Acadian Peninsula that corresponds to the old railway line. The funding comes from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), the Regional Development Corporation (RDC) and the Corporation Véloroute de la Péninsule acadienne Inc.


Merger of the corporations Ami(e)s de la Véloroute PA Inc. and Véloroute PA Inc. under the name Véloroute de la Péninsule acadienne Inc.


Funding announcement for the reconstruction of the Sentier NB Trail network cycling path. The project is valued at nearly $6 million. The governments of Canada, New Brunswick and three Acadian Peninsula municipalities are partnering with this funding.


Construction, paving and development of the off-road bicycle path.